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Scania recommends switching from fossil diesel to fossil free B100 Biodiesel RME

31. december 2018
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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, Scania, recommends switching from conventional fossil diesel to fossil free RME (B100 Biodiesel).

In 2014, Scania approved 100% biodiesel RME (B100) for all their Euro 6 engines, and now they actively recommend changing from regular diesel to fossil free biodiesel RME.
In addition to the environmental aspect, Scania points to the economic advantage that exists in Sweden by switching to fossil free RME, since RME is once again exempt from tax from 2018.

B100 Biodiesel is a fossil free alternative for those who want a smooth change to sustainable transportation, and at the same time wish to save on fuel costs

Biodiesel is a cost-effective alternative to fossil free fuel, as no big investments are required for switching from fossil diesel. The cost of maintenance is slightly higher due to more frequent engine oil and filter changes, as well as increased consumption. However, this is offset by the lower fuel cost and reduced carbon dioxide emissions of up to 70%. Green economy – good for your business and good for the environment.

You can read the entire article and Scania’s estimated savings with RME biodiesel here:

We are happy to help with advice on safe conversion to fossil free biodiesel
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